Fee for using studded tires in Stavanger kommune

Stavanger has poor air quality during periods of the winter season. There has therefore been implemented a fee for studded tires starting November 1st every year. The area limit for the fee is the border of Stavanger municipality.

Stavanger municipality’s information on studded tire fees

Payment solutions can be used by both companies and individuals.

NB: The studded tire fee is electronic and is attached to the vehicle(s) registration number. Thus no physical wafer.


Fee Price Duration
Season 1400,- Whole season*
Calendar month 450,- One calendar month
Daily 35,- 24 hours**

For heavy vehicles (from 3500 kg) double price is paid.
*The season starts on November 1st and lasts until April 28, 2019.
**From time of payment

Stavanger Parkering KF is responsible for arranging and operating payment solutions for the studded tire fee scheme in Stavanger municipality.

Stavanger Parkering KF is also responsible for control and enforcement.

Pay with your mobile phone

The easiest way to pay is to download Stavanger Parking’s app or EasyPark app on your smartphone.

Easypark: Enter 5755 for vehicles below 3.5 tonnes and 5756 over 3.5 tonnes

Vipps: We are working on getting this to work with Vipps.

Pay online

Make sure to register a payment card before you complete the transaction.

You can also pay the studded tire fee by logging into your own Stavanger Parkering account.

Pay at the following

Randabergveien (Randabergveien 55A)
Vardeneset (Dusavikveien 310)
Løkkeveien (Løkkeveien 97)
Hagakrossen (Tananger Ring 1)
Madlakrossen (Madlaveien 263)
Circle K
Tau (Ryfylkevegen 1970)
Haugesundsgaten (Haugesundsgata 3)
Randaberg (Tungenesveien 8)
Forus (Petroleumsveien 1)
Sola (Flyplassvegen 213)
Lura (Somaveien 1A)
Ålgård (Sandnesveien 40)
Løkkeveien (Løkkeveien 8)
Møller Bil AS
Møller Bil Stavanger (Vassbotnen 17)
Dekkstra Forus (Vestre Svanholmen 11)
MF Boknafjord
MF Stavangerfjord
MF Mastrafjord
MF Raunefjord (from 01.01.19)