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Kongsgata,  4006 Stavanger

Entry to Domkirkehallen car park is from Kongsgata, by Domkirkeplassen square.
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There are currently 15 bicycle stands here, just by the entry.

The area is patrolled by security.

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P-Arketten konserthuset

Sandvigå , 4007 Stavanger

P-Arketten is situated by the new concert hall in Bjergsted.
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There is a dedicated bicycle parking room on level 2 of the car park. Access to the room is from the square outside the concert hall, as well as by the entry to the car park from Sandvigå.

There are 51 double bicycle stands, with easy locking for bicycle locks.

The room is CCTV monitored and patrolled by security.

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Jorenholmgata, 4013 Stavanger

P-Jorenholmen is situated at the end of Klubbgaten, by the sea.
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On the ground level, we have a parking facility for bicycles, to the right of the entry to the car park. Here, there are 48 bicycle stands, and a bicycle pump. There is also a bicycle stand outside for those who do not want to use the bicycle facility inside.

  • Telephone number: +47 58 00 00 41 10 62“Log on to My Page. Select “Application for bicycle parking”, complete and submit the form”. Add choice of bicycle facility.