Proximity to experiences


Stavanger Parkering facilitates parking spaces near the most attractive destinations. When you park in one of our car parks, you are close to the action – teeming crowds, shopping, regular cultural events, festivals and sport events. Or park at Jernbanen by the train station and you are only 7 hassle-free minutes on the train from a mega experience at Viking Stadium!


Parking regulations reduce the total number of traffic accidents in city streets by up to 30 per cent! One of our primary responsibilities is to ensure compliance with the parking regulations.

Unsafe conditions as a result of incorrect parking often affect non-motorists and our youngest road users.


Free passage:

Free passage of traffic must be ensured at all times!

The value of this will become clear when you need it most. Imagine if your house was burning and the fire engine could not get access. Or the ambulance could not get to you or a member of your family in time!


For everyday life you need refuse collection and goods to be delivered.


Our traffic wardens are your guarantee that the main parking regulations are complied with – It may be a matter of life and death.