Electric cars

On January 1st, the new parking regulations went into law. These stated that electrical cars can no longer park for free on public parking places. In Stavanger it was decided that electrical cars should only have to pay half the price, instead of the full price the new law had suggested.

Please note that parking garages with barriers continue to charge full price for electrical cars. *

Our machines are now upgraded to handle payment for electrical cars. You can see a button with “el-bil” on these. Some machines have been upgraded with a colored touch screen. Press “Start” on these to get the “el-bil” selection.

*Half price for electrical cars now also works in parking garages with a barrier when using automatic license plate recognition in the EasyPark app. It’s important to activate this function at least 15 minutes before parking the first time. It is important that people with yearly or monthly cards do not activate this service.

Charging Stations

There are charging points for electric cars in all our car parks, except Posten car park.

On-street charging points are also available in the following places in Stavanger:

  • Nytorget by the pay and display machine – 3 spaces
  • Lars Hertervigsgate by the post office – 2 spaces
  • Røde sjøhus – 3 spaces
  • Nedre Strandgate by pay and display machine no. 60 – 2 spaces
  • Geopark – the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, by pay and display machine no. 69 – 2 spaces
  • Olav Kyrresgt. 19 – 2 spaces
  • Strandkaien by the entry to Strandhallen – 2 spaces
  • St. Olavsgate by pay and display machine no. 7 – 1 space
  • Vaisenhusgaten – 3 spaces
  • Hillevåg torg – 4 spaces
  • P-Forus by Tjensvollkrysset junction – 6 spaces.

You can buy a key for the charging points from our customer service centre at St. Olavsgate 6

NOTE! It is not free to park at charging points in car parks with barrier systems, but you will not be charged for the electricity.

You’re now allowed to charge your Hybrid car at charging points for electric cars.

Residents’ parking permits
Owners of electric cars who are registered in the National Population Register within a residence zone, must purchase a residents’ parking permit for the vehicle. The permit will be granted pursuant to the applicable regulations. Formerly, residents’ permits were issued free to owners of electric cars. However, according to the current regulations, only motorbikes and mopeds (two-wheelers) are exempt from the residents’ parking scheme. Click here for more information about residents’ parking permits.her.

Please note that electric cars cannot park for free in privately-owned spaces.

Public signs are blue with the letter P in white. Private spaces have a white P on a black or dark green background.

Offentlig P-parkeringOffentlig skilt Privat-p-parkeringPrivat skilt

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Electric vehicle overview as of October 2015.