Objectives and instruments

Proximity, safety and accessibility.


  • Reduce the number of parking-related traffic accidents
  • Maintain road access for all road users.Ÿ
  • Maintain good access for cars to the town’s functions, in particular as regards people with reduced mobility, business and industry, service functions and transportation of goods.
  • Maintain and improve the environment for people living or staying near roads/street network.


  • Enforce stopping and parking restrictions stipulated in the traffic regulations and by signs. Particular emphasis is placed on stopping restrictions by zebra crossings and at junctions.
  • Enforce the parking regulations and parking regulatory signs. Particular emphasis is placed on preventing parking in public transport lanes, bus laybys, pedestrian streets, pavements and footpaths/bicycle lanes
  • Operate efficient short-term parking facilities in the town centre, providing good circulation and access to most users.
  • Prevent incorrect use of parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility and for transportation of goods.
  • Enforce parking regulations in residential areas in such a manner that the objective of a good residential environment can be realised.
  • Promote clearer signage and better information to road users. Technical equipment and payment systems must be readily accessible and easy to use. Guidance and service must be easily accessible for the userskal være lett tilgjengelig for brukeren.