Residents’ parking zones

Residents’ parking permits can be bought from our customer service centre at St. Olavsgt. 6.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 07:40 – 15:00 hrs.

Questions regarding residents’ permits:

  • Telephone.: 51 50 76 72
  • E-mail:

Prices per year (per month):

           Permanent/temporary residents
Permit car no. 1           NOK 1680  (140)        NOK 5520  (460)
Permit cars 2 and 3           NOK 4200  (350)        NOK 8400  (700)
  • Minimum sale of residents’ parking permits is 3 months (NOK 420).
  • The amount will be charged in advance.
  • Unused permits will not be refunded.
  • The permit is only valid for the vehicle for which the permit was issued and for the address stated in the application.
  • Changes of address must be reported 8 days after the move, at the latest.
  • To change the agreement, such as car exchange, please contact our user service per. phone during opening hours. Written message or voice mail is not accepted. Vehicles without a valid parking agreement has to be parked in another legal place until the agreement has been change.
  • A request for payment will be sent for the following period for permits purchased for 6 months to 1 year.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that there is a valid permit for the vehicle at all times.
  • Temporary permits are available for purchase for caravans, trailers or vehicles with a total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes. These are issued for a maximum of one week.

A better residential environment

Residents’ parking zones is an important instrument for the municipality to ensure a good residential environment in the neighbourhoods close to the town centre.

In many areas, parking has become a major problem, in terms of traffic safety, the environment and accessibility. Many people park in the street or on pavements, causing hazardous situations. Young children are particularly vulnerable. In many streets, access is difficult for municipal services, e.g. emergency services, renovation or snow-clearing. The purpose of residents’ parking zones is to ensure easy access to public parking spaces within a delimited area. Most residents will find that residents’ parking zones result in a better organised and more pleasant residential area.

The scheme gives the residents special advantages as regards parking on residential streets. 


How do residents’ parking zones work?

Parking zone signs show where the zones are. These have been put up at the entry to the zones (please note that signs have not been put up on each street). The times when residents’ zone parking applies is indicated on the signs (see map of residents’ zone areas). The parking spaces are generally available outside these times. However, all vehicles must be parked in accordance with the traffic regulations, or the parking regulations that apply for that section of the zone. With a permit, you can park in the zone, but not in areas with ‘no parking’ signs or where payment is required. Here, an additional fee will be charged. The electronic parking permit is only valid in the zone for which it has been issued. The registration number on the permit and the number plate must always be the same. If a car’s number plate is removed, the parking permit is no longer valid. The permit does not invalidate the traffic regulations or general parking regulations in the zone. 

Who can buy a parking permit?

Residents, businesses and institutions resident in buildings constructed prior to entry into force of the Planning and Building Act of 1965, and the use of the building have not been changed or divided into several housing units, may buy a residents’ parking permit.

The reason for this rule is that pursuant to the 1965 Planning and Building Act, parking is mandatory for new buildings and rebuilt buildings/extensions as part of the building permit. Thus the need for parking is covered by the building application, and the owner/user may therefore not request additional on-street parking. This would also violate the stipulations in the Planning and Building Act, cf. also Section 30 of the Regulations relating to public parking and parking regulations (Parkeringsforskriften).

  • Permanent residents registered in the National Population Register. The vehicle must be registered on the applicant and the applicant’s name and address must be on the vehicle registration card. Exemptions may be made if the applicant can present a time-specific rental or leasing contract from a rental/leasing company. The vehicle may also be registered to the applicant’s parents.
  • Temporary residents: Students who can present proof of a rental arrangement in the zone as well as a student ID card/paid semester fee. Commuters with a rental contract and confirmation from the employer/job centre.
  •  Businesses/institutions. A residents’ parking permit may be issued to businesses/institutions if this is considered necessary. An application proving a real need for such a permit must be submitted, together with the relevant documentation. Permits can be purchased for the residential zones, except for zone 01 and the ABC quarter (zone 8). Companies must be registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises.

When is the residents’ parking zone applicable?

The times vary for the different zones, see the zone parking sign or the map for the relevant area. Residents in residential zones must be aware that the zones may change or traffic management may occur.

Where can visitors park?

Short-term visitors should use the designated parking spaces with pay and display machines or spaces signposted Paid Parking Area.

The resident can purchase guest cards for long-term visitors from our Customer Service Centre, St. Olavsgate 6, 4005 Stavanger.

How do I display the residents’ permit?

The permit for visitors should be displayed from the inside of the windscreen, on the right-hand side – clearly visible for inspection. Resident parking permit is electronically controlled by the licens plate.

Improper use of the parking permit

After notification has been issued to the owner, the parking permit may be revoked or cancelled if the permit has been issued based on incorrect information or due to improper use/falsification of the parking permit. This may be reported to the police. In such cases, paid fees for the remaining months will not be reimbursed.